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MSX Viewer 5
Version 5.2.3 - February 2023

Convert PC images to MSX

Read your MSX images and save on PC

What is MSX Viewer 5?

  The project MSX Viewer 5 aims at developing a powerful tool to convert PC images to MSX, making possible to use good quality images on MSX.
  Thus, it is possible to convert images from MSX to PC, giving you the opportunity to save, edit or share your old MSX images.
  MSX Viewer 5 is compatible with all screen modes from MSX 1, MSX 2, MSX 2+, chip V9990 and SymbOS. It comes with intelligent algorithms designed to detect MSX colors on image and find the best palette for MSX 2 and V9990.

Classic version

  The classic version of MSX Viewer 5 was developed in Qt 3 and C++ and it is multi-platform. This is a set of tools designed to convert and read almost all MSX screen modes, its peripherals and systems like SymbOS.
  This tools was created using the wizard concept in order to guide the user to complete the PC/MSX image conversion task in a easy and intuitive way.

Light version

  Due to the discontinuity of Qt 3 framework, the difficulty of porting the code to earlier versions of Qt and the need to generate a binary version for each operating system, the light version was developed in Java.
  Until now, tools were created to convert PC images to all native MSX screens mode, to read MSX images and convert to PC and to add screen transition effects to MSX screen 2 images. All these tools work with one or multiple images at once.

Latest news

02/14/2023 - Version 5.2.3
  • Bug fixed where empty images were being generated on screen 12 and gscreens 25, 26 and 31.
  • Option to set the number of colors to use in the palette modes.

More news here.

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