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CaraaraC 2

  Guess the character selected by the MSX before it finds out yours.

 1. Description
  This game is based on the famous game "Guess who?", where two players pick up a card from a deck containing many people with different characteristics, and the goal is to find out the person the opponent has picked up by asking some information about his/her person, before he/she finds out the person you picked up.
  This new version brings new graphics and also many improvements from the previous version.

  In 2021 the game was translated into English.

 2. How to play
  This game runs in any MSX, but MSX-DOS system is required.
  From DOS prompt, type:
A:> cara2en

  Now the main interface is menu located at the bottom of the page. The cursors, space and enter are used to control the actions in the game.
  First, we must choose a character. Then, we use the menu to ask MSX for some characteristics about the person who it has selected. The winner is the one who find out first the opponent's secret person.

  Acess here the game complete manual.

 3. Download
  Minimum configuration:
  - MSX 2
  - 64 KB RAM
  - 128 KB VRAM

  CaraaraC 2 - game in English (translated in 2021).
  Sources - game source code (Pascal).

  Author: Marcelo Silveira
  License: GNU-GPL v. 3.x -

  Access the old version here.

 4. Screenshots
Now the game has a menu, which also shows each person's characteristics. MSX game is also visible.

Choose a characteristic on the menu to ask the MSX. Characters marked.

Marcelo Silveira
Systems and Computing Engineer
Expert in Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence
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