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  Unofficial recreation of famous toy in the 80's for MSX 2.

  1. Introduction
  Genius was a famous electronic game manufactered by Estrela[1] on 1980's. This game was a brazilian version from the original Simon, created and manufactered by Hasbro.
  Unfortunetelly, many 80's electronic games and toys from Estrela were discontinued, like Pegasus[2], Colossus[3], Genius and others.
  The brazilian magazine Micro Sistemas #63 published in 1986 a version of this game in Basic for MSX 1, as seen below on screenshots section.
  In February 1999, I decided to upgrade this Genius version to MSX 2. I draw the screens and added some palette resources, to make lenses brightness seems real.
  The Genius magazine version was quite simple, where only one game mode and difficulty were available. In fact, the original Genius had 3 games and 4 skills.

 [1]- Brand of brazilian toys factory (
 [2]- Remote control car
 [3]- Remote control car

  Genius game modes and skills:

  1. Repeat the sequence
  2. Make your own sequence
  3. Repeat the sequence, but you can only press the yellow color

  Difficulty levels
  1. 08 repetitions
  2. 14 repetitions
  3. 20 repetitions
  4. 31 repetitions

  In 2004, I decided to recreate this game from the scratch, in order to be the most similar to the original. In other words, the magazine game was completely abandoned and a new project started.
  In 2011, the game was revised and also translated into English. Now, the game manual and keys are available in English.

2. Download
  Minimum requeriments:
  • MSX 2 or better
  • 128 KB VRAM

  Download the game:

  Genius 2021 - The game and sources in Basic. Version in English and Portuguese.
  Genius 2004 - The game and sources in Basic.
  Genius 1999 - The game and sources in Basic.

  Author: Marcelo Silveira
  License: GNU-GPL v. 3.x -

3. Screenshots
Micro Sistemas Magazine (1987) MarMSX version (1999)

MarMSX version (2004 / 2011)

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