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  Current version: 5.1.4

  What's new from version 5.1 ?

  - Interface improved with greater images and letters.
  - Improvements on image clipping interface.
  - Interface quite easier to use.
  - Improvements on screen 8 conversion.
  - Several bug fixes.
Interface improved

  MSX Viewer 5.1.4 [PC Windows 32 bits] - Binaries for Windows.
  MSX Viewer 5.1.4 [PC Linux 64 bits] - Binaries for Linux. - libraries needed for running the program on Windows

  Source code
  MSX Viewer 5.1.4 [PC Qt 3.x / GCC] - Source code

  MSX Viewer Light [PC Matlab/Octave] - Simple MSX Viewer for experiments.
  MSX Viewer for Gimp [PC The Gimp] - MSX Viewer script for Gimp.

  Manual - MSX Viewer 5 manual, revision 7 (June 2018).
  Appendix 5 - English - Appendix, revision 0.8 (April 2017).
  palette.txt - How to use MSX 2 and GFX9000 palette in Assembly

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