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Jogo da Senha

  This a code-breaker game, where the computer creates a colored code sequence and the player tries to discover it.

  1. Game rules
  This game is based on a well known game called Mastermind, where the goal is to find out the 4 pegs color code generated by the MSX within 6 rounds.
  In the classic version, all the 4 codes must have a peg associated to and use different colors. Thus, this game brings three different modes:

  1. Easy - Classic game.
  2. Medium - 4 pegs combination plus a hole, without repeating colors or hole.
  3. Hard - 4 pegs combination plus a hole, where colors or hole repetition is allowed.

  Evaluation on the player's try:

  • Black peg - There is a peg with the right color and on the right place.
  • White peg - There is a peg with the right color, but on the wrong place.

  2. Download
  Minimum configuration:
  - MSX 2
  - 64 KB RAM
  - 128 KB VRAM

  Game - game in English (translated in 2021).
  Sources - game source code (Pascal).

  Author: Marcelo Silveira
  License: GNU-GPL v. 3.x -

  Learn how to develop this game on this game course.

  3. Screenshots
Jogo da Senha Jogo da Senha

Marcelo Silveira
Systems and Computing Engineer
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