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MSX Minesweeper

  Find out where the bombs are located as quick as possible!

1. Introduction
  Minesweeper is a famous strategy game. The goal of the game is to open all free fields, avoinding the bombs.
  This game brings the binaries, sources and a development manual in portuguese.

Minimum requirements:

  • MSX 2 or greater;
  • Clock chip;
  • MSX-DOS 1.

2. How to play
  Type on MSX-DOS:

  The main menu:
  • Mines Easy - Mines with 8x8 board and 10 bombs.
  • Mines Hard - Mines with 16x16 board and 40 bombs.
  • Records - Game record.

  • Arrows move the cursor
  • Esc quits the game
  • Z detonate the space under the cursor;
  • X flags the space under the cursor
  • C when clicked on a number, open its 8 neighbors. But, only if the surroundings has flagged spaces corresponding to the number you cliked on.
  • Press ENTER when the game is finished

3. Download - Sources. - Binaries.
  map.pas - Code to create the game map.
  flood.pas - Example of flood-fill.
  start.asm - How to read MSX 2 clock in Assembly.

4. Development tutorial
  The game development tutorial (Portuguese) was created in PDF format, containing the following topics:
  1. How to use MSX Pad
  2. The game Minesweeper
  3. Creating menu bars
  4. Creating the mines map
  5. Drawing the objects
  6. Assembling the "puzzle"
  7. The flood-fill algorithm
  8. The game control
  9. Calculating the time
  10. The ranking
  11. The random function bug
mandev12.pdf - Development manual version 1.2 (Portuguese) - November 2018.

  Learn how to develop Minesweeper in Basic: Mines Basic.

5. Screenshots
Easy game Hard game

References and Acknowledgements
Hans page:
Book on Turbo Pascal:

  Thanks to SLotman for MSX Pad, for the use of constants for maps and for the

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