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Page dedicated to MSX computers

MSX fortune: MSX Faq page has a lot of info about MSX.

In Focus - Games and Games Creation
  The MSX games come up with source code, making possible for those who want to learn how the game was produced to study the code. Thus, some pages are dedicated to classical Brazilian MSX games source codes analysis.

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The MSX Standard
  MSX is a personal computer created in 1983 and it was very popular in Japan, Europe and South America. MSX was the first contact in informatics for many people.
  Despite of being an old tecnology today, MSX computers offer such a friendly environment for those who want to learn about computers, once its architecture is very simple to use and understand. Futhermore, MSX native programming Basic is very easy to learn and program, while it is at the same time powerful enough to acess the hardware.
  In the other hand, MSX hardware limitations dare programmers to optimize codes and resources. As a consequence, great programmers came up from this system.
  In brief words, MSX system is easy for those who wants to learn and versatile and challenging for those who want to go further.

03/2021 - Genius game updated
03/2021 - MSX Viewer 5.2.2
01/2021 - New stuff on AI course
MSX Font Editor 1.3.
MSX Sketch Tools 1.3.
AI: Patterns
AI: Learning.

MSX Projects

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