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MSX A.I. Project

  A.I. project aims at researching artifitial intelligence methods in order to help on identifying MSX colors.

  1. History
  2017 - MSX Viewer 5 (version 5.0.1) replaces its fuzzy sets and rules by A.I. sets and rules.
  2009 - MSX Viewer 5 (beta) is released bringing Fuzzy Logic color identification. New fuzzy sets and rules are used as experimental work.
  2004 - The first related project uses Fuzzy Logic to identify MSX 1 colors palette.

  2. Related Articles
  Reconhecimento de cores do MSX por Logica Fuzzy

  3. The Prototype

  - Windows binary program.
  - It is able to ideintify MSX 1 colors using Fuzzy Logic.
  - Size: 155 Kb.

  Prototype instructions
  - Paste an 24-bit color image by clicking on "Colar" button.
  - Press "Fuzzy" button. The program identify the colors.
  - Copy to memory, by pressing "Copiar". Then, paste on MSX Viewer 4.
  - The image is ready to be saved as screen 2, 3, 4 or 7.

  4. Current version in MSX Viewer 5
  MSX Viewer 5 has the Fuzzy Logic at "Color Recognition" step. Thus, it is only able to recognize the MSX 1 default colors.

  5. Screenshots
Original image Euclidean Distance Fuzzy Logic

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