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Screen 2 Show

  Create animated displays for MSX screen 2 images.

1. Description

  A famous brazilian graphic editor for MSX 1 called Graphos III were able to create screen 2 images with some loading animations as shown in the figure aside.
  In fact, such animation is performed by an executable program which included the image date plus a code for generating the animation.
  Graphos III "display" option in the main menu could save an ordinary picture adding four types of animations: none, horizontal stripes, left-right and random pixelation.
  The Screen 2 Show project aims at creating intro animations for MSX screen 2 picures following the Graphos III concept.
  This project is now integrated to MSX Viewer 5, taking the advantages of this nice image converting tool.
2. Project details
  The Screen 2 Show project involves both MSX and PC computers. At the MSX side, aims at developing display algorithms in Assembly. At the PC side, aims at developing tools to help on adding the display code to images converted to MSX.

  This section presents some technical details about the project. For that, please choose one option below.

3. The Prototype
  The following prototype works only in Windows. Nevertheless, this project was incorporated by the MSX Viewer 5 project which may work in Windows, Linux and MAC.

LOAD - Load "MarMSX SCR" picture format.
SAVE - Save picture to "MarMSX SCR" format.
COPY - Exports image to clipboad.
PASTE - Imports image from PC clipboard.

EXHIBITION - Type of display:
+ Direct - Direct apearance.
+ Top-Down - From top to down.
+ Left-Right - From left to right.
+ diagonal - Diagonal.
+ Snail In - Espiral to inside.
+ Frame In - Frame to inside.

To load SCR screen format:
On any screen (0 ou 1) type:
bload "picture.scr",r
Where picture is the name of the one to be loaded.

4. Current Version in MSX Viewer 5
  MSX Viewer 5 has an integrated environment for converting PC images to MSX screen 2 and incorporate the displays codes.

  The following tutorial explains how to generate display images.

5. Extra
Download: - 32 Kb - Displays sources in Assembly and some screen 2 converted image examples. - 50 Kb - MSX Screen 2 images used on the animations on top of the page.

Marcelo Teixeira Silveira
Systems and Computing Engineer - UERJ
Computing Engineer Master (M.Sc.) - UERJ

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