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** ATTENTION: Use these programs on your OWN RISK. **

  This tool compares 2 files, returning the differences found.

  Usage: achadif file1 file2
  Example: achadif text1.txt text2.txt

  The absolute positions of the bytes are returned in hexadecimal, where the differences are found. - 9 Kb


  Search for criptografed words, by ASCII table shift method.
  For example, the word "fudeba" is represented by the bytes 66 75 64 65 62 61, according to ASCII pattern table. if we shift the values (keeping the distance between the letters), by changing the lower 'a' from 61 to 41, we have for this word: 46 55 44 45 42 41. If we try to write this new word according ASCII table, we will see this word: ".7,-*)", which has nothing to do with original "fudeba".

  Usage: cripfind file_name word_to_search
  Example: cripfind fudeba

  It will return the corresponding 'a' value. If there's no shift, the response is 61. - 10 Kb


  Shift all the file to specific 'a' value.
  Default value for 'a' is 61 (hexadecimal).
  To back to original value, the count is: 61 +/- shift. Eg: If the 'a' shift value is 21, the delta is -40 (hexa). To back, make this sum: 61+40=A1. If the shif is 71, the delta is -10. So, to come back, make 61-10=51.

  Usage: cripshf name_of_file new_name hexadecimal_value
  Example: cripshift 21 - 9 Kb


  All previous in one. File editor like XTGOLD, with advanced search engines and ASCII shift. - Version Beta 0.7 - 30 Kb - Version 1.1 (edit bug fixed) - 34 Kb
  On Line Manual


  Takes the first 7 bytes from the header of a MSX file.
  Nice to use on Pascal games, where the Lamasari's libraries load images without header.

  Usage: noheader input_file output_file
  Example: noheader image.grp image.img - Binary + source - 31 Kb

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