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Test - August, 3th 2004

  This test aims to verify the version beta 3 on a Real MSX.

  Material used in the experience:
  • MSX 2+, transformed in Brazil, Expert - Gradiente;
  • Disk Drive on Slot 1 (Expert's cartridge A);
  • FM-PAC;
  • Ademir Carchano's slot expansor;
  • Pennant Race 2 cartridge.

  • All pages, slots and subslots were shown correctly.
  • The program correctly told that my MSX doesn't have expansion on slots 0, 2 and 3.
  • According to my MSX specifications, I found expansion on slot 1. Also found drive's ROM on slot 1-1, page 1; and subrom on slot 1-2, pages 0 and 1.
  • RAM was found on slot 2.
  • Slot 3 was found empty, when it hasn't any cartridge attached there.
  • By adding FM-PAC on cartridge B, I found its ROM on slot 3, page 1.
  • By adding Ademir's expansor on cartridge B, having FM-PAC on expansor slot 1 and Pennant Race on expansor slot 3, I could observe FM on slot 3-1 and the game on slot 3-3.


FM-PAC alone attached on cartridge B.

FM-PAC attached on expansor's slot 1.

FM-PAC + game attached on expansor.

Marcelo Silveira
Systems and Computing Engineer
Expert in Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence
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