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Dynamic Publisher Font (.FNT)

  The Dynamic Publisher font file is composed by a MSX 2 monochromatic screen with 512x160 pixels size in which al the characters are drawn.
  The file header is composed by a string "DYNAMIC PUBLISHER FONT" and some data on the font. The header is followed by the font data compressed.

  File .FNT
 │ Header │ Data   │

  Each character is drawn on a 512x160 image, where each block takes 16x20 pixels. Although the character block size is fixed, the size of each caracter can be defined to be used on Dynamic Publisher. The character height is the same for all, but the width can be defined for each character. Once defined the characters' size, the DP text editor will take in accont that configuration.
  The file offset &H80 defines the character height, while the offsets from &H100 to &H1FF define each character width. For example, the offset &H100 defines the width of the character with ASCII code 0.

80 1 All characters height
100 256 Each character width
200 N Compacted data

  The compressed font image data starts from the file offset &H200. The image is composed by 32 columns and 8 lines of characters, where each one has 16x20 pixels. The screen size is 512x160 pixels.
  The compress method applied is the same used on Dynamic Publisher main file.

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