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Alfabeto (.ALF)

  This is the font file for Graphos III, composed by the MSX file header and the MSX 0/1 character table.

  MSX Header:

0 1 MSX file type
1 2 Initial address
3 2 Final address
5 2 Execution address

  Character table:

0007 8 Character index 0 pattern
000F 8 Character index 1 pattern
... ... ...
07FF 8 Character index 255 pattern

  Each character is defined by an 8x8 block, where each line is represented by a byte. For example, the letter "A" is located at the file offset x:

Offset Value
x &B00100000
x+1 &B01010000
x+2 &B10001000
x+3 &B10001000
x+4 &B11111000
x+5 &B10001000
x+6 &B10001000
x+7 &B00000000

  Use this formula to calculate the offset of a character with index i:

  x = 7 + i*8

  The file offset for the character "A", which ASCII code is 65, is calculated as follows:

 PRINT 7 + 65*8

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