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MSX Super Mines



  Minesweeper is a famous strategy game. The goal of the game is to open all free fields, avoinding the bombs.
  This game brings the binaries, sources and a development manual in portuguese.

Minimum requirements:

- MSX 2 or greater;
- Clock chip;
- MSX-DOS 1.

100 %

- Avoid mines number and clock display flicker; - Ok
- Open the 8 neighbors, when some number is clicked; - Ok
- Assembly routine to control time; -Ok
- Fix bomb random sorting; - Ok
- Create winners ranking; - Ok
- Save this rank on disk. - Ok

How to play:
- Choose game type: easy (8x8 with 10 bombs) ou hard (16x16 with 40 bombs);
- Arrows move the cursor;
- Esc quits the game;
- Press ENTER when you win the game;
- Z detonate the space under the cursor;
- X flags the space under the cursor;
- C when clicked on a number, open its 8 neighbors, only if surround it the corresponding number of flags were placed.

Download: - Sources. - Binary ready to play.
bugs.txt - Bugs report of INCs.

Some References:
Hans page:
Book on Turbo Pascal:

- SLotman for MSX Pad, for the use of constants for maps and for the

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