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CaraaraC 2

  How to play

  The game was finally translated into English!!

  You can play it using a MSX emulator or copy the files to a disquette an run it on a real MSX. Thus, it is necessary to have MSX-DOS 1 to launch the program.
  From DOS prompt, type:
A:> cara2

  After the presentation, a menu appears offering three options:
  • Instructions: open the game instructions.
  • Play: start the game.
  • DOS: return to MSX-DOS.

  After starting the game, let's see the keys used:
  • Arrows: move cursor.
  • Enter:
    • Choose person at the beginning.
    • Take a risk on a person.
    • Select an option from the menu.
    • Exit mark mode.
  • Space: Mark or undo mark on a person.

  The first thing to do is to select a person. Select a person moving the cursor over the characters. Select one by pressing "Enter".
  As you move the cursor over a person, his/her characteristics are marked with red right below the menu.
  After choosing your person, the MSX picks up a secret person and the game starts. Close dialogs using "Enter".

  MSX Asks:

  In this version, whenever MSX asks you about your person, the answer is performed automatically.

  You Ask:

  In your turn, a yellow cursor appears on the question menu located at the bottom of the screen. The menu is shown in the next figure.

  Available characteristics in the menu:

Option Name Group Option Name Group
1 Female Gender 14 Brown Hair - color
2 Male Gender 15 Blonde Hair - color
3 White Skin color 16 White Hair - color
4 Brown Skin color 17 Mustage Facial hair
5 Black Skin color 18 Beard Facial hair
6 Young Age 19 Blue Eyes
7 Old Age 20 Brown Eyes
8 Bald Hair - type 21 Small Mouth
9 Straight Hair - type 22 Big Mouth
10 Curly Hair - type 23 Small Nose
11 Short Hair - size 24 Big Nose
12 Long Hair - size 25 Hat Misc
13 Brunette Hair - color 26 Glasses Misc

  Special options:

Option Name Description
27 Risk Take risk and say the secret person's name.
28 Mark mode Enter the mark mode.

  Use the arrows to navigate the menu and press "Enter" to confirm an option.
  After asking MSX, he answers "Yes" or "No". After closing the dialog, the mark mode starts in order to you mark the persons that disagree that answer. For example, if you ask "The person is a man?" and the MSX says "No" means that his person is a woman. In that case, mark all the men to mark them.
  By the time you are sure about the MSX's secret person, use the menu option 27. The mark mode is activated in order to allow you to choose a person to risk. Press "Enter" to confirm your choice.
  In this game, you may risk a name without ending the game in case of failure.

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