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  This game is based on the famous game "Guess who?", where two players pick up a card from a deck containing many people with different characteristics, and the goal is to find out the person the opponent has picked up by asking some information about his/her person, before he/she finds out the person you picked up.

 1. How to play
  The game is distributed inside a virtual MSX disk called "cce.dsk". You can play it using a MSX emulator or copy the files to a disquette an run it on a real MSX.
  The game starts automatically if you boot the MSX using the game disk. If you insert the disk when the MSX is already running, type "AUTOEXEC" on MSX-DOS prompt to start the game.

  After the presentation, a menu appears offering three options:
  - Instructions: open the game instructions.
  - Play: start the game.
  - Dos: return to MSX-DOS.

  After starting the game, let's see the keys used:
  - Arrows: move cursors.
  - Enter: choose person, exits mark mode and messages.
  - Space: Mark a person to discard.
  - i: show info about a person. "Enter" exits.
  - Press "y" or "n" and then "Enter" to answer the MSX question.

  The first thing to do is to select a person. In this game, the person is not selected randomly. Close the dialog box by pressing "Enter".
  Use the arrows to move cursor onto a person you want to be your secret person. Press "Enter" to confirm that person.
  You can read some information about your person by pressing "i" key. Close the dialog by pressing "Enter".
  After choosing your person, the game starts.

  MSX Asks:

  Whenever MSX asks you about your person, answer by pressing "y" for yes or "n" for no. Press "Enter" to confirm your answer.

  You Ask:

  When your turn starts, a menu comes up on the left side of the screen with many characteristics about a person. Choose one characteristic to ask MSX about his person.
  Use the arrows to navigate the menu and "Enter" to confirm an option.
  You can read some information about your person by pressing "i" key. Close the dialog by pressing "Enter".
  After asking MSX, he answers "Yes" or "No". After closing the dialog, the mark mode starts in order to you mark the persons that disagree that answer. For example, if you ask "The person is a man?" and the MSX says "No" means that his person is a woman. In that case, mark all the men to discard them.

  Note: there is a known bug that it is not possible to undo the person mark action. So, please take care who you select to mark before do it.

  Among the options characteristics, there is the "Name". This option should only be used when you are sure about who the MSX's secret person is. In this case, the character selection mode starts in order to you indicate who his person is. Press "Enter" to confirm your choice.

 2. Download
  Minimum configuration:
  - MSX 2
  - 64 KB RAM
  - 128 KB VRAM

  Portuguese - game in Portuguese.
  English - game in English.
  Sources - game source code (Pascal).

 3. Screenshots
MSX asks something about your person. You ask MSX about some characteristic of his character.

Mark the people who don't match the given characteristic. People discarted.

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